Warren and Malou a husband and wife creative duo. Both with a background in design and advertising. Warren a qualified Industrial designer that has been working as a Production Designer and Art Director on feature films and Television commercials . Malou an Agency Art director that manages 3 young kids : 13yrs , 11yrs old and 7 yrs, working as a full-time stay home mom (tutor, doctor, psychologist , nutritionalist and spiritual guid ).

As a family we launch a conscious brand that will give you insight to a sustainable future of health , wealth and good living. Every choice we made after our fist son was born was a choice for our kids health and there future. We feel need to share these choice and share the knowledge of how we became “free”.

free of gluten

free of chemicals

free of Pharma medicine

free of homones and antibiotics

free range

“we can only change the world by our actions and making good choices ” – warren&malou 2021.